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~ Hope ~

I continue to collaborate with Dr Liz Tunbridge.

Liz and I are delighted that Phase 2 of our project Switching Perceptions is due to begin on the 18th September, in collaboration with the Bethlem Royal Hospital and supported by the Royal Society and Bethlem Gallery

As a grateful recipient of an a-n Artist Bursary 2020, I've been given an opportunity to develop the project. As we look to these new tentative steps after the turbulence and uncertainty of the last months, I feel hopeful. 

An article written by Liz, which beautifully summarises Switching Perceptions, can be read online using this link:


Other recent notes

In May, Bethlem Gallery invited me to produce a piece of writing for their Under Construction Programme

- read the work at http://bethlemgallery.com/2020/05/bethlem-friday-focus-grounded-shared-space

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