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~ well wishes for a warm and safe winter ~

I continue to collaborate with Dr Liz Tunbridge.

Liz and I are delighted that Phase 2 of our project Switching Perceptions has begun to tentatively evolve, in collaboration with the Bethlem Royal Hospital and supported by the Royal Society and Bethlem Gallery

As a grateful recipient of an a-n Artist Bursary 2020, I've been given an opportunity to develop the project, in connection with my wider practice. 

The project is currently on pause  

An article written by Liz, which beautifully summarises Switching Perceptions, can be read online using this link:


Other recent notes

In May, Bethlem Gallery invited me to produce a piece of writing for their Under Construction Programme

- read the work at http://bethlemgallery.com/2020/05/bethlem-friday-focus-grounded-shared-space

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