"Eleanor Minney’s Segment of aself... hangs in space like a new reality, one that is entirely constructed of everything known from the old one. Its double sheets of simple calico separated by thick wadding, suggesting a warmth of insulation, a density of purpose. One side of this floating screen is delineated with rows of squares. A regiment of containment. A housing block of shuttered lives that are also stamps of uniform genetic coding. Each box contains an I. On close examination a few have red thread piecing their likeness. These offer escape or communication to the other side. Winding their nerve like umbilicus though the stuffing and out into a field of a million chatters. Where cyphers, hieroglyphics, calculations and tiny stitched drawings all flutter and thrive. On this side of the hanging are hundred of languages all speaking at once. All individual, intimate and celebratory. What these insect-like marks are saying we will never know. But the wisdom of their activity, uniqueness and need to exist is overwhelming...The viewer will also smile when finding themselves recognising pictographs of books, couples holding hands, ring pulls, saplings, question marks, dendrites, bottles, paperclips, keys, leaves and tears, all in an active discussion that we thought we had forgotten until the artist activated it in the singing part of our imaginations." - THE SINGING PART OF IMAGINATION, Brian Catling RA

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    All work is © Eleanor Minney 2021                                                  

    Segment of aself, 2018 Bethlem Gallery 2019 Photograph by Daniel Regan