Switching Perceptions 2018 - 2021 

In 2017 I began collaborating with a neuroscientist and working closely with the Bethlem Royal Hospital (Beckenham) and the Department of Psychiatry (Oxford). Using artistic practice to invite and enable dialogue about the mind, self, genetics and psychiatry, between different communities of people, I have been aiming to soften and open the conversation, to allow for individual and sensitive perspectives, about fundamentally universal aspects of our humanity. By addressing aspects of technological advances in science, my intention has been to approach the unfamiliar, while maintaining art-making which utilises the handmade, the handwritten and subjective expression. 

Dr Liz Tunbridge is an incredibly skilled and unusual scientist who works across many layers - you can appreciate more about her research using this link - https://www.psych.ox.ac.uk/team/elizabeth-tunbridge. 

Liz and I developed a multi-stranded public engagement project which was hosted and exhibited in 2019: 

Bethlem Gallery 5 January - 30 March 2019 and Barbican Life Rewired Hub 12 - 20 October 2019. 

The Department of Psychiatry, where Liz is based, hosted me as Artist in Residence, and in 2020 they supported me to exhibit my work in their departmental coffee room, acquiring two works from Switching Perceptions for their permanent collection. 


With gratitude to the Bethlem Royal Hospital and Gallery, patients and staff from the National Psychosis Unit and for their fundamental part in the creation of this project. With particular thanks to Henrietta Webb-Wilson for her continued enthusiasm and help in shaping the project to be of benefit to the patient groups we collaborate with on the ward.

Switching Perceptions has been developed by Eleanor Minney and Dr Liz Tunbridge, C.A.S, Anon, Sam Curtis, James Upton and Beth Elliott.


It is funded by the Royal Society and supported by the University of Oxford’s Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund, with additional support from Bethlem Gallery. 

Switching Perceptions has been awarded The Vice-Chancellor's Public Engagement with Research Awards, 2019 and is supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company, 2020.  

    All work is © Eleanor Minney 2021                                                  

    Layer II ATCG, 2018 Ink on tracing paper. A4